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Client Testimonials

The best DUI attorney in the Pittsburgh area.

Kim is a very good DUI defense attorney (and is proven in other areas of criminal defense, but he concentrates solely on DUIs now I believe). I hired Kim for two DUI cases. One case was ultimately dismissed and the other case he negotiated a future employment killing felony reduced to a lesser charge.

Kim interacts very well with police officers, district attorneys, and judges. They all seem to like him(save a particular judge and PA state trooper, see below). This is very important, because if the key players do not like your attorney, a case could be drawn out for a longer time and lead to a unfavourable outcome no matter how strong your case is.

He is very honest. He won't promise you the moon. He will lay out the options, but he will be honest that he can't predict what will ultimately happen. He told me he won't go in front of a particular judge if they get assigned my case because that judge does not like him (because he had one of their rulings overturned in the superior courts). A state cop in one of the cases didn't like him because he was actually doing what I hired him to do to fight my case (I think many cops are just used to people pleading guilty or taking a plea agreement in DUIs and get angry when defendants fight the case). We ultimately won that case.

Kim is always on top of current DUI case law. Numerous times sitting with him waiting for hearings he mentioned very recent case law that may help or hurt my case.

Bottom line: If you are charged with a DUI in the Pittsburgh area and want the best chance to fight the charge, you hire Kim Riester. He charges by the hour, and he is not cheap, but he gives you the best chance to win a DUI case in PA. And on top of being a great defense attorney, he is also a nice down to earth guy (which you will appreciate when you are facing the uncertainty of the criminal justice system).


After being arrested in January for DUI and Fleeing charges. My wife found Mike on this webpage. Being that I had never been arrested before I was pretty worried. Mike was very good at putting my mind at ease. He let me know exactly what would happen and when it would happen. Anytime I had a question or a concern about anything I could call and he would either answer right away or call back within minutes. (I hear this is rare) Mike was able to get me into the ARD program and my wife and I are extremely pleased with Mr. Waltman. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Highly Recommend

Mr. Waltman recently represented me against felony charges related to the sale/transfer of firearms. From day one he put me (and more importantly my wife) at ease. Personable, fairly priced and quick to respond to any questions. In the end Mr. Waltman had the case dismissed at the preliminary hearing.

GOT me off no charges

I was pleased with the the professionalism he was always a phone call away Mike picked up my call anytime . Knew a Lot of information would give me worst-case best case scenario. He had Great Communication with the police officer and the district attorney . It was my first offense DUI third tier with a hit and run needless to say he got my off with zero charges now I can say I learned a great lesson but also gained knowledge of a great attorney who I would use again if I need too but fingers crossed I hope never to again!!!!!


Reinstatement of drivers license

I hired Michael Waltman to help me get my suspended drivers license restored.He was very knowledgeable and had everything settled in a couple of months.I was very pleased with his service and would highly recommend him to anyone.

--Kathy Marciniak

Dedicated Professional Representation

Counselor Waltman demonstrated a very high level of hard work and dedication to me as a client. I highly recommend his services.


True professional

Michael Waltman came highly recommended and he deserves every bit of it. Experienced, compassionate, extremely aggressive in handling my case as well as any legal inquiries I had. He is the best! He is super smart, knows all the angles and not only that but he appears to really care too.

Mr. Waltman

Mr . Waltman did a fantastic job he had all of his facts on point even though I felt like I was not going to win the case mr. Waltman came in swinging and helped me win my case I couldn't ask for a better lawyer Iif I need a lawyer in the future he is the guy I'm gonna call

Extremely satisfied client

Mr Michael Waltman recently represented me on a DUI case as a member of the Meyer Darragh law firm. I was initially represented by Mr Kim Riester, but the case was passed on to Mr Waltman.

When I first met Mr Waltman, any reservations I had were quickly dismissed. Mr Waltman is professional, eloquent, intelligent, knowledgable, concise, persuasive, and likable. In a nutshell, if I could design what I would imagine a perfect trial attorney to be, Mr Waltman would be it.

Throughout the many phases of my trial, Mr Waltman, Mr Riester, and all of the staff at Meyer Darragh, treated my case with exceptional care. But, above and beyond what I ever imagined, was Mr Waltman.

On my trial, he argued that the traffic stop which led to my DUI charge was illegal. He was litigating a motion to suppress which Mr Riester and staff had filed. I do not think it is possible to argue a case better than Mr Waltman did.

When Mr Waltman was cross examining the arresting officer, it was amazing how easily he got the officer to admit to the deficiencies in the DAs case. It was almost as if the officer was a witness on my behalf - a testament to Mr Waltman's eloquence and likability.

Ultimately, the judge ruled in our favor and the motion to suppress the traffic stop was granted.

I can say with no reservation that I owe this result to Mr Waltman, Mr Riester, and Ms AbuNuwar at Meyer Darragh. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. Although I never intend on requiring Mr Waltman represent me again, should the need ever arise I will without hesitation retain him.

In closing, Mr Waltman won the case in spite of me. To say he is an exceptional attorney would border on insult.

Thank you Michael.
Sincerely, Chris

Criminal Representation

Michael was very informative and straight forward with our issue regarding a criminal violation committed against our family. I would recommend Michael to any of my friends or co-workers based on his handling of our issue and the results. He helped us through a difficult situation.Thank you for your efforts Michael.



After having Mike as my attorney on my DUI case, I personally find Mike to be the type of attorney who will fight for his client and be there for you ever step of the way. His attention to detail and understanding of the law are quintessential traits he possess that make him a great lawyer to use.


A good man is rare and you just found one.

He is almost to honest to be an attorney, but he makes that wor somehow. He cares in a careless field with truth, integrity and honer. I have witnessed him handle a case where there was no way to win yet he worked it out with everyone involved, it was truly amazing.

Above and Beyond

At every step of the way, from initial meeting to hearing Michael took great care of me. He communicated regularly and knew what needed done to resolve the case. He paid great attention to me and exceeded my expectations. Thanks Michael!

Better Call Michael

Simply put, Michael Waltman is a class act. He was my lawyer for possession and underage drinking charges. Though this was probably a straight forward case for him, he certainly did not treat it as such. He kept me informed about everything that I needed to be aware of, and was on top of it all. He is professional, intelligent and eloquent. It also didn't hurt that he had working relationships with many of the DA's, judges and officers. After briefly conferring with the officer of my case, Michael was able to get the cop to drop all of the charges. Although I have no intentions of having to see Mr. Waltman again, if I ever find myself in another pickle, I won't hesitate to call him. He is highly recommended.

Excellent Attorney

Michael Waltman represented me last year on a case that started out looking very serious. Through his hard work Mr. Waltman was able to get me into a ARD program and on with the rest of my life. Michael is obviously quite knowledge, had excellent negotiating skills, and was a very decent representative. I wholeheartedly recommend him.


Michael was excellent, it was the first time I had ever been to court and he made sure I understood everything and fought for me through the entire process. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal counsel.

DUI-ARD Hearing (Excellent Results)

After being thrown a curveball (by judge & prosecutor) right out of the gate, Michael handled my DUI-ARD hearing (issue) with composure & the end result was outstanding. I would highly recommend Michael for any situation you may encounter pertaining to a DUI & I could not have asked for better results.

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